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Bear Arms

In 2014, Bear Arms opened in the back room storage garage of our Mom’s gift store. Starting with just around 22 guns and a few boxes of ammo, the store was initially quite small. However, with hard work and prayer, it experienced rapid growth.

Over the years, many things have changed, but the dedication to honest work, the smiling faces of the staff, and the loyalty of faithful customers have remained consistent. Nathan and Khloe, the proprietors, kept expanding their modest establishment until they eventually outgrew the space.

By 2022, they found it necessary to relocate to a larger building. This move allowed them to showcase their extensive inventory. Yet, that spaciousness was short-lived as their collection continued to expand. Presently, Bear Arms boasts a stock of over 2,000 guns and is still growing!

Throughout both prosperous and challenging times, the focus has always been on retaining customers and ensuring they have a comfortable shopping experience. At its core, Bear Arms stands firmly behind the principle it was named after: the right to bear arms. The team believes in the gun as the great equalizer and aims to cater to all firearm needs and desires.

We invite you to visit us. Come and experience our commitment firsthand, and we’ll ensure you leave locked and loaded!


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